Regulate fees of private medical colleges, restore faith in medical education

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According to CBSE data, in 2018, around 13.5 lakh MBBS aspirants had given NEET examination to serve their nation through medicine for around 65000 MBBS seats. This data clearly shows the level of competition for aspiring doctors. The number of MBBS seats is only 5 % of the aspirants. After clearing NEET hurdle with their die-hard efforts, aspirants come to know that around 60 % of seats are in private medical colleges. According to Medical counseling committee (MCC) website fees of private medical colleges can range from 8 lakhs to 40 lakhs per annum for government regulated seats and up to one crore per annum for management quota seats. As most of the aspirants are from middle class or lower middle-class families, this huge amount of fees put major setback to their ambitions and psychology. Many students take education loans to fulfill their dreams but then unregulated private medical colleges further pressurize students to pay money beyond mentioned on MCC website. Apart from this, students are also forced to pay hostel fees in lakhs and thousands of rupees as fine for minute penalties. This greed of private medical colleges to earn maximum from every medical student put traumatic pressure on students which results in mental breakdown. The suicide of Dr. Smriti Laharpure of Index medical college and Dr. Shivani Uike of Index Dental College, Indore is one of the examples which shacked India to its core and desired the attention of policymakers to regulate greedy private medical colleges which are turning into a death trap for medical students. I request all medical students, doctors, and families of MBBS aspirants to sign this petition to secure the future of yours and your children. We request the government to equalize fees of private medical colleges with government medical colleges for at least 85 % of overall seats. this will restore people's faith in government and medical education as medical education is not an industry and is not for making profits but to secure the health of our countrymen.