Builders-ConsumerCourts Nexus??

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I have suffered for 10 years, with no end in sight, at the hands of DLF and even at the hands of Consumer Courts which most of the time side with the unscrupulous builders in various ways.

It has for long been suspected that quite a few judges of consumer courts are quietly on the pay rolls of powerful builders. Thousands or may be lakhs of cases involving consumers and builders rot and languish in these courts for many many years without justice and salvation. It might turn out to be a humungous scam which needs to be investigated and exposed. 

There have been a lot of extremely delayed and failed projects and builders sit on the money of home buyers/ consumers. The Builders craftily siphon off the money of the Consumer instead of completing the project. This siphoned money is used to buy cheap land elsewhere for future projects and quick profits. The result is that the project is delayed or fails. This mischief of the Builders was rampant since over a decade ago.

The worst part is that when the consumer goes to the court many a times the judge of the court forces a compromise (after the consumer has been tired out) which is invariably unfair to the hapless consumer who has no choice but to agree to this arm twisting because of the inordinate delays in the courts. It's none of these consumer courts' job to effect or arm twist a compromise... they just ought to do justice which most of the times they don't.

These courts give date after date and the case prolongs for years and decades causing limitless harassment and cruelty to the consumers.
This invariably helps the wiley builders to sit on the consumers money and do business on it. Here there seems to be an unmistakable nexus.

The courts have an excuse that they have thousands and thousands of cases like this. But by not giving exemplary punishment to these errant Builders, these courts make sure that the unscrupulous Builder takes shelter of litigation which is to his great advantage. The courts thus get crowded with litigation.

In all likelihood it becomes a symbiotic relationship between these courts and the Builder. if this turns out to be true then these courts should not be called consumers' court...they should be called Builders' Courts.

Our government and its anti corruption agencies need to be sensitized to this problem. Unity of consumers can do this job.

Those who have suffered or are suffering may please join in our efforts and sign This petition. I am sure there are lakhs of such people who have undergone such shabby treatment at the hands of Builders and quite a few judges of the consumer courts who are surreptitiously on the payrolls of these powerful Builders.

fighting for justice,
-Satish Sharma