Right to Live with Dignity &Protection of Life of Pharma Sales professionals in distress

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Dear Sir 

I received a call three years back at 2.30 AM from Kolkata from  Debashis Mallick ,A Pharma manager who lost his job due to unknown reason.He was crying that his mother committed suicide as she could not bear that her family was taking loan from relations for her treatment of cancer .It was nerve shattering for me. I started a group of pharma sales professionals to self help or provide financial assistance to such people who are removed from services by pharma companies for non achievement of target,harassed and transferred to far off destination,Thus ultimately leaving the job. Since finding job immediately is difficult ,It break's down the MR or AM or RM financially , emotionally and mentally and either he or his family member resorts to commit suicide.

Reason behind these job loss , suicide  which have cropped up in last few years are greed & unrealistic expectations from promoters of Pharma company.Sales target are fixed on whims and fancies of their imagination to become Rich by overnight.Such unrealistic expectations are not fulfilled and to fulfill this seniors have devised dirty strategy of ADJUSTMENT where MR /AM contribution is sought from their salary or expenses or incoming incentives.This process is highly unethical and coercive.If one will not do he or she is likely to be punished by transfer or termination.You must have read recently in Ambala on Company MR committed suicide as he took loan for meeting the ADJUSTMENT demand and was unable to repay loan so he committed suicide.Gradually pressure is mounting up and last three years several MR or Manager committed suicide under duress .They are humiliated before their team members or even insulted and provoked to go and commit suicide if can't achieve the unrealistic target. After reading such news I decided to share my feelings and distress to Law makers for drawing  attention and searching some solutions to stop suicide by young Medical Representative or First line Manager.

My humble submission is to Stop such nefarious activities in pharma industry and to enact legislation to punish such managers who are forcing juniors to either achieve budget or do Malpractices or forced to resign.Suicide doesn't kill one life but it kills one family.We must make stringent law to punish culprits Managers & promoters of such companies.

I appreciate your efforts to scrap article 370 or 35A to give freedom to our kashmiri brethren. In India we have many law but protection are not ensured by Law to these unfortunate person. Please take action and enact appropriate laws to safeguard young generation not to commit suicide.

Sir let's Join hands to stop suicide by sales professionals.Help them,create a toll free number where complaints of such distressed persons can be lodged and timely action taken so that one precious life,one family can be protected.Sir These are literate and educated people who are resorting to this.These people suffer from trauma of Mental Rape by their Seniors.Once few such seniors or promoters will go behind bars , probably normalcy will be restored.

I know these people(Promoters/ Top Managers) are Rich and Affluent and highly insulated ,they get scot-free by managing Law.But you are  Shri Narendra Modi ,PM of India, born to give better life, equal living status to all citizens,hence I am appealing before you to support these suffering pharma sales professionals.This is more or less in most of the company now . It's an epidemic which gradually stretched too far and unabated.. Kindly Look into this Appeal & do needful.

With Deep Regards

Ravi Bhushan