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THE ISSUE: - Ministry of Power issued notification of Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules, 2020 on 31.12.2020 wherein it is mentioned as the role of respective state commission to make regulations on NET METERONG up to 10 KW & GROSS METERING for capacity above 10 KW. Considering the same state commissions are coming up with the similar regulations wherein net metering is restricted around 10 KW only.

THE REASON:- As per reason stated by MOP in its tweet dated 16.01.2021 is the financial condition of Discoms, which was considered while taking the decision of restricting the net metering up to 10 KW only. Other reasons may be the promotion of self consumption and energy storage systems so that with the increase in renewable there would not create any issues of grid instability.

THE IMPACT:-The sudden restriction on net metering for Commercial & Industrial Sector will negatively impact the employment, Industries (Consumers), revenue to the states as well as the National Target of 100 GW out of which 40GW is from Rooftop.  C&I sector contributes to 70-80% of total Rooftop Potential and has the highest job creation potential.  With such a huge target enhancement by Hon'ble PM Shri Narendra Modi, many young people from various backgrounds entered in the Solar Industry considering the long term vision of Govt to promote the solar with favorable policies for all but now govt. is ignoring the mass and just focusing on Discoms. This will not only harm the economy but hurt the faith and emotions of youth who entered the solar business considering the vision of the Govt.

THE SOLUTION:-Before deciding anything so crucial Govt should do complete due diligence about the real impact to the economy visa vis the benefit to the Discoms.  Solar Industry is still in nascent stage, We, therefore request Govt to give industry some more time to grow ( at least up to March 2022) and if given proper time industry will grow many fold and will be helpful in achieving the national targets since people will take as on offer to grab otherwise they may lose the benefit of net-metering  or Govt should decide a specific capacity around 200 KW, which is only 20% of current in maximum states (1MW), the capacity whatsoever be decided should be based on proper research & analysis which could be win-win for all not just considering Discoms interest. There are other methods as well which could be implemented like Net metering with Daily Banking, Net Metering with TOD banking, Net metering without banking etc. but whatever be the method net-metering should be there and not the gross metering until & unless there would be some handsome feed in tariff decided by respective state commissions.  To restrict misuse of the system Govt should levy workable banking charges.