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I recently visited an uncle of mine a retired bureaucrat, in his 60’s.What I saw, disturbed me!
An energetic person who used to be full of life always had some pearls of wisdom, looked like a pale shadow of himself. He didn't talk too much and when he did the sadness in his voice got to me. I felt saddened and low and thus was determined to find the cause.
What I learned was that my uncle who always looked forward to life found a sudden void in his life post-retirement. To fill it, he started looking for work opportunities that could help him gainfully spend his time. After months of job hunting, most of the companies turned him down saying that their retirement age was 60.

Part of what also bothered him was that with lifespans expected to go up to 90 years, his 40 years of earnings supposed to support 30 years of retired life.What ensued was that he started ‘imagining’ all sort of ailments.

When I looked hard I found a lot of people who retire at 58-60 still have lots of eagerness, zest and the strength to go on till 70-72 and also that on a lot of jobs we have a huge shortage of trained manpower.

So, I have started this petition to request Shri Narendra Modi Ji to increase the retirement age so that our nation can get a ready pool of experienced talent while taking care of its seniors.

Income insecurity is one of the major causes of vulnerability in old age.
Elderly in India not only work to support themselves but also make economic contributions to their households.
The BKPAI survey data indicates that 26 % of older men and around 58.7% of older women(Table 4.1) do not have any personal income

Income insecurity is a significant source of vulnerability among older women.

More than four out of five women have either no personal income at all or very little income & income insecurity increases with advancing age.

The Elderly India survey shows that amongst the people in the age group of 58-70, 80% men and 55% women (who had worked at some point in their lives) were extremely willing to take on new challenges.

Over 80% of the 55 plus in our country are not covered under any adequate social security schemes. Therefore, most of them are economically insecure and need to depend on their meagre savings or entirely on their children for sustenance. In the absence of any such support, many of them suffer a loss of independence and self-dignity. Our surveys have indicated that most of them are willing to work for the right opportunity.

"Employment besides giving something to look forward to every day ensures that there is a sense of mental well-being and gives a feeling of independence in the seniors which has far-reaching consequences."

I urge anyone reading this petition to join HUM in requesting Shri Narendra Modi Ji to consider raising the retirement age so that we can develop as a nation of financially independent and experienced citizens.

Inspired by “Startup India”, 
HUM was started by R K Vij on his 75th Birthday along with K Malhotra, an engineer in his early 20’s. They have a goal of building a social enterprise focusing on the betterment of the lives of senior citizen and retired professionals.
HUM aims to work for the betterment of our parents by getting them jobs as well as dedicated deals from most relevant brands and giving them a collective voice.

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