Improve India's 186th rank in govt. healthcare spending

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It is well known that paying for private healthcare causes many families to become severely indebted and are never able to recover from extreme poverty. This is only due to the very poor funding and maintenance of government hospitals and Health Centres.
India ranks a shameful 186th rank out of 200 countries in the whole world by spending a measly 0.96 % of GDP on healthcare for its own citizens(2107 data)! With such a large population of poor and low income citizens, India's Central and State governments need to allocate much more money to provide better healthcare. Helping these crores of suffering Indian public by providing better ambulance services, Primary health Centres, Community Health Centres, free and subsidised medicines, and a whole range of healthcare services to improve the lot of many Indians is vital to India's social and community development. From Independence, all governments have denied adequate funding for health, so our citizens do not even know this shameful fact - India's pathetic 186th rank out of 200 countries in the whole world! The truth is that improving any service needs more funds, and that if India's 186th rank is to be brought even to 90th rank, we need to increase funding by 300%.

Demand a Pink Revolution of Healthcare in India now! Make this a voting issue, make our politicians enact a Right to Healthcare now!