Revive the Jute Mill of Tripura

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Respected Sir,

The Jute Mill of Tripura is one of the oldest and the first Industry of Tripura established in 1974.Initially the mill was doing good as most of the segments were needed the application of jute.Jute being a biodegradable is always in demand for export to many countries like USA,UK,Germany ,Saudi Arabic,Turkey,Egypt and many African Countries.

But the synthetic lobby ,and the high cost of raw jute has not only hampered the Jute Industries but also given a serious threat to the environment ,as synthetic is not a renewable source of energy unlike Jute.The cost of raw jute should be less to a significant level so that the production of jute should be a profitable one.The prohibition of synthetic should be a mandatory in all the states by imposing a huge amount of penalty.As India is the highest producer of Jute across the world,it's application can give a huge profit from the Country only if it has properly implemented by replacing the synthetic bags and plastics (plastics are non biodegradable and are threat due to pollution) apart from export.

The Jute Mill of Tripura ,located at Agartala can also give a  major boost by exporting to Myanmar and few other South Eastern Asian Countries.To revive the Jute Mill of Tripura,it is  very much essential to finish the financial crisis by paying all the dues to all the employees of this mill who were working for the last thirty years.Secondly ,the Mill should be privatised by PPP model.Please take some serious initiatives from Central Government and State Government to solve the present crisis of the losses of this mill and to revive the same by spreading more awareness about the benefits of jute over synthetic and to reduce the cost of raw jute.Also need to replace few old machines of the mill by new ones to have a competitive edge over Bangladesh ,which is exporting to jute to the other Nations.


Dev Raj