Grave Injustice to the Paramilitary forces of India

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After serving in the CRPF for 37 years as a subedaar, it pains me to see the general cluelessness of our society to the sufferings and the adversities faced by our paramilitary forces.

Do you know

1. who faced Chinese aggression at Hot Springs in Ladakh in 1959?

2. who defended Sardar post in the Rann of kutch against the Pakistanis??

3.Who defended the Parliament of India during the terrorist attack of 13th dec 2001??

4.Who protected the Ramlalla temple in Ayodhya from terrorist attack??

5.who died in Dantewada??

Yes...These are all examples of valour of our paramilitary forces.More than 33000 of them have laid their lives since independence to maintain the security in this country both at the borders & inside the country.At Dantewada more than 76 paramilitary soldiers died, do we have an idea of what happened to the families of these soldiers?

We are never conferred the status of "Shaheed", we don't have pensions, we have the biggest fatalities rate on job, our canteens arahe on the verge of closure due to the absence of gst exemption, our pay structure is poor, we face ambiguous treatment as compared to defence personnel and the list continues.

While Chetan Cheetah & Pramod Kumar were awarded highest gallantry award the Kirti Chakra, the 7th pay commission declared the paramiliatry forces as civilian employees. Does 18 hours of duty and life on the line qualify us as Civilians???

Please read my letter to the PM & Home minister here

The core reason could be the fact that most of us don't even know the difference between military and paramilitary forces of our country. This even reflects in the attitude of bureaucracy.  "Ardh Sainik" as we are called have military discipline and ethics and sub-par civilian pay and facilities.

If you sum up some empathy for our cause, please encourage our Respected PM to act on the petition.

For the act, the families of Para-military forces will be ever greatfull to you.

Respectfully Yours

Ranbir Singh (9968981467)

General Secretary

Confederation of ex-paramilitary welfare Association