Ensure safety &protection of young children by investing in crèches & childcare facilities

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Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,

In a recent case in Delhi an 8 months old baby was raped by her own relative when her parents were away for work.

This is not an isolated case.  As per the National Crime Records Bureau report there has been a yearly increase of 38% in number of rape cases reported for children below six years under IPC and POCSO in 2015. We do not know about the hundreds of others who are not reported and suffering the trauma silently.

The parents of this baby need justice. The perpetrator must be punished for his crime. But only punitive actions will not keep our children safe. We are urging your government to take preventive measures, badly missing at this hour, to ensure young children remain protected against such heinous brutalities.

Lack of childcare arrangements, especially for households engaged in informal and casual work, with no guaranteed incomes, puts their young children at risk of sexual abuse, trafficking, abduction and neglect. Many parents are forced to leave their children with young siblings, old and unwell grandparents, ‘under the eye’ of neighbours or even locked up at home when they go for work.

Creches and daycare facilities would ensure care, safety and protection of young children when their parents are away for work.

There are 16.45 Crores children under six years (Census, 2011). In 2012, the Restructured ICDS document committed to converting 5% of the Anganwadi Centres to run as Anganwadi cum Creches. Even after six years, only 400 Anganwadi cum Crèches are operational, against the 70,000 AWCCs planned to be in place by 2017. Under the National Crèche scheme, MWCD records of 2015 show 21,000 crèches are operational, catering to only 4.24 lakh children below six years.

The budget 2018-19, for National Creche Scheme that provides crèches for children below six years, of working mothers has been decreased by 35% by your Finance Minister.

Hon’ble Prime Minister, is this because young children of India are not the vote-bank for any political party that they remain an ignored and vulnerable constituency?

This is an urgent request to you, Hon’ble Prime Minister, to increase investments in crèches and daycare facilities for children, and ensure its implementation on a mission mode, under your government so that young children are cared for, remain safe and protected.