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A plan to gag our mouth, to shut the voice of a raising spirits by imposing central security force(CISF). It's the first time in India to site paramilitary  force permanently inside an educational territory to maintain security. Is it to keep outsiders out ? From an institute open to all as per the guidelines set by our Gurudev? Or is it to to make us more manageable? It is the fault of the authority and the policy-makers that the failed to tailor the situation more diplomatically. The authority is simply playing a harmful stunt that might scar the amiable student-authority relation for generations to come. Also it should be noted that the expenses of the force is to be bore by the institute itself. Considering our recent cause of agitation i,e all kinds of fee hike ( yearly, examination, hostel etc) and suppression of non-NET fellowship, the reason shown to us was of shortage of account balance. Authority poses no right to leech from us to restrain ourselves. Results of Authorities inability to deal with the radical problems should not be posed on the student body in form of a military warzone. Lets not make our beloved abode of peace a political war zone.

This might bring a inappropriate face of this glorified University, as this might propose a new culture to suppress the voice of students by a corrupt command through central force. Central force itself would be loyal to the power side and hardly cherish the culture we carry for decades. Therefore this ridicule must be defended by all who are directly or indirectly related to educational institute. We request all of the students,non teaching staffs, faculties, alumnus as well as all admirers and well-wishers of institutions from everywhere to support us, we humbly ask for the support from all of you to join us in the campaign.