Car/Bike/Bicycle Parking ticket to be treated as Platform Ticket at Railway Stations

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Dear Sir,

I want to bring to your attention a fundamental flaw in the way a citizen is charged for Platform ticket.  When a  citizen has already bought the Car/Bike/Bicycle parking Ticket available at Railways Parking stand, he/she should not have to again buy the platform ticket to see-off the passenger he/she is accompanying to platform. This is extra burden on a law-abiding ordinary citizen. The Parking ticket itself should be treated as a platform ticket for one citizen. 

The original intention behind the idea of platform ticket is to not overcrowd the platform and only allow bonafide passengers accompanied by few bonafide others who have come to see off passengers.  I have listed the Rules from Railways user manual at the end of the petition. 

I would like to inform you that there will be no loss to the railways because of this. Right now,  Parking at Railways is still being outsourced to corrupt and inefficient contractors.  An enormous amount of collection never reach the government.  The parking  ticket issued do not have any printed date, time or proper number.  Maintenance is bad.   I would like to remind you that these parking stands over the railways property, and railways should earn the maximum of it. Being a technocrat myself, i would like to suggest that parking ticketing be performed electronically. The modus operandi can be decided by your respected office. 

Thanks for listening. 

- Alok Singh

Social And Technology Entrepreneur

(+91 8756222696)


Rules of platform ticket 

301. Admission to station platforms.�As a rule, only bona fide passengers holding proper tickets or other authority should be admitted to station platforms but Station Masters have discretion to admit a limited number of persons who are not bona fide passengers.

302. (a) At stations supplied with platform tickets, no one other than a bona fide passenger will be allowed to the platform without a platform ticket or platform pass/permit. The issue of platform tickets should, however, be limited to the capacity of the platform accommodation.

Note.�(i) Free platform passes or permits are issued to staff of certain Government Departments including the Posts and Telegraphs Department, Military Police, Civil Police, Government Railway Police, officials of Excise Department on duty and Sewa Samiti and Boy Scouts Organizations and to certain railway contractors and their staff.

(ii) Commissioned Officers or N.C.Os. (including a Medical Officer and/or Station Staff Officer and his clerk) provided with instructions for the reception or despatch of a party of military personnel by rail may be allowed on the station platform without purchasing platform tickets. Such Officers or N.C.Os. will be in uniform and on demand by the railway staff produce instructions as to their authority for the non-purchase of platform tickets.

(iii) Railway staff on duty, Civil, Military and Government Railway Police in uniform. Railway Mail Service staff in uniform or with tokens, licensed porters, vendors and their authorized helpers in uniforms, private servants of railway staff on duty, and handling contractors and hamals should be admitted to platform without platform tickets, passes or permits.

(b) At stations not supplied with platform tickets, persons wishing admittance to the platform to see or meet friends travelling by trains may be admitted free, if the Station Master is satisfied that their business is bona fide.

(c) A platform ticket or platform pass/permit does not entitle the holder to remain in any carriage or compartment.