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Shri. Manmohan Singh, PM of India : Condemn China's incursion in Eastern Ladakh; Talk Tibet with China

Since 15th April, Chinese troops have intruded at least 19km into DBO (Daulat Beg Oldie) in Eastern Ladakh and erected 5 tents with soldiers stationed, ignoring repeated calls by the Indian Army to withdraw. Three flag meetings between Indian and Chinese Armies held at Chashul have failed to resolve the crisis peacefully. Instead, China intensified its activity by setting up an additional tent on 29th April, threatening India’s security and humiliating the nation.

India must act immediately against the Chinese troops stationed on Indian soil. To ensure stability in the region, India should make Tibet a core issue in its relationship with China.

Despite 54 years of China's colonial occupation, Tibetans have not given up their fight for freedom. The Government of India must reinforce the Tibet issue in the upcoming talks with Chinese leaders inorder to ensure India's security. (Read more:

Join thousands of Indians and Tibetans in sending a strong message to the Prime Minister of India, calling on him to defend his country and to stand in solidarity with Tibet.

Letter to
Prime Minister of India Shri.Manmohan Singh
External Affairs Minister Shri.Salman Khurshid
The recent incursion by Chinese troops on Indian territory in Eastern Ladakh once again highlights China's imperialist plans for regional domination. The situation demands a bold and immediate action.

Tibet and India shared a peaceful border for many centuries, owing to close cultural and spiritual ties. Following the occupation of Tibet by China, the Indo-Tibet border became one of the most highly militarized in the world. As concerned Indian citizens, we believe that it is in India's strategic interest to help bring about an end to China's violent rule in Tibet, where we have witnessed 117 self-immolations since 2009 calling for freedom in Tibet. A political resolution for Tibet is the only solution to India’s stability and security in the region.

We strongly urge you to make a strong and clear statement condemning China's recent act of aggression against India and the on-going crackdown in Tibet.

We further request you to rethink India’s foreign policy by considering Tibet as a core issue in dealing with China, and seize the upcoming visit by the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to India in May as an opportunity to discuss the Tibet issue at the highest level.