We want online exams

We want online exams

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Shri Manish Singh

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Started by Tanya Sharma

Respected sir
 Cases in indore and many parts of the country are rapidly increasing day by. As yesterday there were almost about 1000 cases but still davv want to conduct offline exam which is probably risking the lives of the students. Most of the davv student are locals so they have travel to indore which is more at risk and those student has to travel to exam centre through public transport which will surely increase corona positivity rate in Indore.

I would like to bring in your knowledge that when Offline exams were conducted in sagar many student were infected. As for placement problem all the companies are taking  interview gd pi aptitude test through online mode where many students are placed alredy and some are on the way.

Please consider our concern we will be highly obliged to you.

Thank you

1,996 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!