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In a first, Tamil Nadu forest department to release Jumbo Rivaldo back in the wild

Dear 'Friends for Change' I thank each of the 9519 supporters who signed my petition to set Jumbo Rivaldo free back into the jungle. Each of your signatures added value to the cause and it attracted the attention of many distinguished wild life activists including Smt Menaka Gandhi who personally wrote to the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Thiru M K Stalin. Acting our our petition and our mails to the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, The Secretary Department of Environment & Forests and the Director General of Forests, Government of India a committee of experts was constituted by the Forest Department who reviewed all factors of keeping Rivaldo in captivity Vs releasing him back to the jungle in a non-partisan manner and arrived at a conclusion that it is best for Rivaldo to be set back free. I have attached a press report which details the context of the decision to release Rivaldo. A few excerpts from the story... "As such, it is very important that Rivaldo, who is 36-40 years old, be retained in the breeding population and not be removed from it and brought into captivity. Also, compared to the costs incurred in capturing, training and maintaining this elephant in captivity, managing it in the wild will be far less expensive and ecologically-friendly." "It is observed that the elephant Rivaldo at this advanced age of 36-40 years may not be a right candidate for any kind of training or taming exercises. Such training at this age might not be successful and could make the animal very aggressive," Friends, I thank you immensely once again for the support you have given this petition. I believe it is karmic unity that has brought us together in this endeavor. I dedicate this victory to Rivaldo and all of you who have helped move this decision in his favour.

SB Srinivasan
2 months ago