#SaveWagholi - Provide Better Infrastructure & Basic Amenities

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WAGHOLI is one of the fastest growing suburb of Pune city just on the outskirts on Pune-Ahmednagar road (SH27) and a few KMs away from EON IT Park, Magarpatta IT Park, Pune International Airport, Viman Nagar etc.

The construction of housing societies, big factories, warehouses are in full swing here. Speed with which new constructions are being permitted by authorities and people moving in, the infrastructure of the area should have drastically changed too but believe us it remains the same as it was 10-15 years ago.

No proper roads, no water by authorities, no garbage collection, no drainage system, load shedding every other day by MSEDCL, goondaism by localites, no police patrolling, no traffic lights, no street lights, no speed breakers and WHAT ELSE NOT.

On road from Kharadi towards and in Wagholi

  1. No/not working traffic signals on all crossings
  2. No Police wala on the entire stretch to prevent any nuisance
  3. Number of Heavy vehicles parked on road side restricting free traffic movement 
  4. Small as well as heavy vehicles on wrong side. No one to check and no one to question
  5. Garbage dumps at various places on both sides of the road
  6. Encroachments from big shops/showrooms/warehouses impacting free movement 
  7. Numerous illegal crossings
  8. Heavy vehicles freely obstructing traffic on the crossing and taking turns on wrong side at their wish
  9. No zebra crossings for pedestrians (kids, elders are forced to wait, run in groups and obstruct traffic)
  10. Various illegal hoardings on both sides distracting drivers every second

After Entering Wagholi

  1. Garbage dumps on every other corner, even outside Wagholi Grampanchayat
  2. Bumpy roads, countless potholes everywhere
  3. Fast moving heavy vehicles on every road risking lives of small vehicles
  4. Scary and dangerous roads at nights without a single street light
  5. No speed breakers outside numerous public/private schools endangering kids / parents
  6. Goons/Goondaism after every few meters with no fear of Police or Government and no sign of remorse after committing crime

Grievances from Housing Societies

  1. No Water from Grampanchayat / Corporation. Societies are forced to purchase water from tanker mafia who charge big time
  2. No Garbage collection from GP. Societies are forced to arrange dumping on their own.
  3. Dumping and burning of garbage beside one society or the other without their knowledge that not only stinks but also increases health issues. Note: GP does collect garbage from native Wagholi residents as if only they are humans and not citizens living in societies.
  4. No Drainage System from GP at all. Societies are forced to arrange waste drainage on their own into natural and nearby river streams.
  5. No Street Lights on roads making them scary for residents to cross during nights.
  6. No Proper Roads / Countless Potholes and residents of housing societies are forced to live in a tribal like conditions.
  7. No Police Patrolling at day or nights.
  8. No Police Station or Police Chowki. Nearest is Lonikand police station which is 6-8 kms away and is as good as reaching more into another village.
  9. No Traffic Control at all. Traffic Imagine a crossing without traffic signal and without any traffic police. Chaos on every other crossing of Wagholi at peak time.
  10. Heavy Encroachment that leads to more narrower roads impacting the free movement of traffic.
  11. Incapability of Wagholi GP in handling vast number of societies in providing services and hence they do not register any new housing societies.
  12. Regular load shedding from MSEB. Old transformers, lines need revisit, servicing, replacement etc.

We request following honorable dignitaries:

  • Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi
  • Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis
  • Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari
  • Minister of Energy, Maharashtra State,  Shri Chandrashekhar Bawankule
  • Guardian Minister, District Pune, Shri Girish Bapat
  • Member of Parliament, Shirur Constituency, Shri Shivajirao Patil
  • Member of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, Maha, Shirur Assembly, Shri Baburao Pacharne
  • Gram Vikas Adhikari, Wagholi Grampanchayat, Shri Madhukar Daate


  1. Build the proposed 7 kms long flyover from Khandve Nagar to BJS College covering entire Wagholi stretch segregating Wagholi traffic with SH27 traffic
  2. Either create a new Corporation for Wagholi and nearby villages or merge it with PMC
  3. Wagholi GP should accept registration of societies unconditionally in the interim
  4. Basic amenities like water, garbage collection, roads, street lights should be provided to all societies
  5. PMRDA should stop further permissions to any development in the area till existing societies are provided needed services
  6. A dedicated MSEB sub-station for Wagholi area reducing regular power interruptions in the feeder, Lonikand Sub-station and long lines
  7. Encroachment removal from both sides of Nagar road from Kharadi leading to Wagholi
  8. Make traffic signals working on all crossings and remove illegal cuts.
  9. Regular Police patrolling in the area at day and night and a local police station for Wagholi.
  10. public-private partnership model of development of the area as per need and requirements and not on the basis of what earns the authorities more.

Really hope that authorities will listen to the plight of Wagholi Housing Socities and act sooner than later.

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