Namo Tablet yojana Failed!

Namo Tablet yojana Failed!

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Started by Kuldip Parmar

Namo Tablet Yojana Failed?

Is that so? Probable yes, We are students who paid(1000rs) for Namo tablet around 2.5 years back(2019), Since We have not received it. Been trying to contact our college authority but haven't got any fair response. We as a student don't know whom to approach, Now we're trying to use Digital platforms to reach up to the responsible Authority of Name Tablet Yojana.

What did we want?

1)Namo Tablet Should be given to all the registered Students of this Yojana.

2) Or We want our Money back with Interests.(Around 27 Months Interest).

Share this to each and every Student, Friend, Class mates, Anyone to whom it may concern.

Thank You.


11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!