Manipal University, Jaipur should waive off students with submissions and CANCEL all exams

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all schools and colleges in Jaipur, Rajasthan are suspended. Manipal University Jaipur has decided to resume semester on 1st June 2020. This gap is resulting in stress among students as fear mongers upon them that Manipal University won’t consider the outbreak effect and schedule the exams as soon as it will open. The college is bombarding students with multiple assignments and self-study topics.

COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly in India, and many state governments in India has suggested extending the lockdown for the sake of safety of the citizens of the country. After observing the situation it is not even sure that the University will reopen on 1st June and now we have seen the example of the Indian state Odisha, which has extended their lockdown and has also decided that educational institutes will remain closed till 17th June in the state (At least of now).

The faculties in Manipal University Jaipur have been providing Youtube links and other online links to cover their syllabus and have been taking online assignments of topics which have not been taught to them in the college and they expect students to accept these and Now Manipal University has decided to conduct online classes on their EduNxt platform.

So, this makes it difficult for students. Also, the portion of syllabus is way behind and incomplete. Teachers are trying all they can by providing online links, but the reality is that we all know that how difficult it would be understand it as most of us haven’t experienced it yet. Therefore, there is an urgent need of cancellation of end semester exams.
For students who have a semester/year pending - They should be waived for all submissions and direct promotion to the respective next semesters. For Final year students – They should be given their degree on the basis of the performance in the previous semesters as majority of the final year students have their goals planned to pursue higher education abroad/India, so continuing the university would seriously hinder their plans and many of them would have to wait one more year to get admissions.