50% concession for students of Delhi University in Delhi Metro (D​.​M.R​.​C)

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Subject: Concession metro pass for student of Delhi University in Delhi Metro.


Submitted to the office of Honorable Chief Minister “SHRI. ARVIND KEJRIWAL” of Govt. of NCT of Delhi for kind consideration for making concession ride of Delhi University students.



Honorable Sir,

The Delhi government has been working actively and effectively in the educational and health sectors. With it working and amazing policies the literacy rate in Delhi has increased and quality of education have also become better. The government schools have not only competed shoulder to shoulder but have proved for better than the private schools in the board results. With the presence of prestigious universities IIDT, D.T.U, D.U, I.P.U, N.I.T , etc. Delhi has become an educational hub and students from all over the nation and abroad come to study here. In this situation transportation have become a major  issues.


The PGs and hostels near the colleges have high rates which leads to students seeking accommodation as little further. Now daily travel have become this only option.  Due to rise in fares of  Delhi metro in last few month  student or their parents pockets are affected. Huge amount of money from their monthly expenses is spent on their travelling cost. As we know that DTC are provided concession bus pass to students but it is not much helpful for students who are travelling daily from Faridabad, Ghaziabad, NOIDA and Mayur vihar etc. If they use to travel DTC buses to reach their destination their maximum time is waste in travelling and there is also a chances of delay or late to reach their destination. But on the other hand if  he/she use metro to reach the same destination they save half of the time. Delhi metro is not only safer but it also saves a lot of time of the students.


The Delhi Government have proved to be very much helpful to the students in the students in the previous years and have provided various supporting pillars. Recently the government have also proposed to provide free ride to women in DTC and Delhi Metro. Hence where complete fare reduction is not suitable we request you to provide 50% reduction in metro fare to help the budding generation.  


As the student of Delhi University with all due respect and hope we request you to provide the above mentioned concession in metro fares for students. Around 114,494 (Undergraduate) & 17,941 (Postgraduate)   will get relief from this move.

                   SOLUTION/ SUGGESTION

Solution to the Problem

Highest fare of student of student in metro = Rs 54 (By Metro card)

Total amount paid by the student in whole day (2 rides) = 54 + 54 = Rs108

Number of working Days in a Month = 27

Total fare paid by student in one month while commuting between college and home (maximum) = 108 × 27 = Rs 2,916

Total number of students in Delhi University = 1,32,435

Out of these many live in hostels and many lives at walking distance from the colleges. Hence the number of students who actually travelling to colleges from home = 80,000

Other major universities like JMI, IIT, JNU have well developed hostel facilities and a very few number of students travel to colleges.

Taking this in to consideration the total number of student who need access to this scheme rise upto 1,00,000

Now the total amount of fare paid by the students of various universities of Delhi in one month = 1,00,000 × 2,916 = Rs 29 ,16,00,000

Hence the total fare paid by the students in one year = 12 × 29,16,00,000 = Rs3,49,92,00,000

If 50% relaxation is provided to the 1 lakh students then the amount paid the students in one year =


·         DMRC will provide special cards to the students through a similar process like the DTC student bus pass.

·         The card will be technologically smart and a work like a normal metro smart card.


·         The card will have a limit of two rides per day (Home to college and college to home).

·         The card will automatically provide 50% discount on these two above mentioned journey .

·         The card will be recharged by the students just like a normal DMRC smart card.

·         Loss or damage of this new card will be complete responsibility of the student.

·         New card will be formed after a minimal fine is paid by the student.

Student Metro Card Terms & conditions


 1. 50% concession on all rides by student metro card It will not only safer but also save the time of students. 
 2.Rides restriction means only 2 rides are available in one day by student metro card. Rides restriction not only minimize the chances misuse as well as overuse student metro card. 
3.Peak hours discount & other discount is not applicable on student metro card.
 4.Rides will be credit according to working days only (except Sunday and public holidays)

                                                                                                                                                                 Yours Sincerely



Rajdhani College                                                  University of Delhi  


Copy to :

(1.)     Shri. Kailash Gahlot

         Transport Minister, Delhi Government