Requisition for basic civic amenities (Road,Street lights & Drainage) in our locality (Vibgyor School Road), Thubarahalli, Bangalore (Ward-85)

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Requisition for basic civic amenities (Road,Street lights & Drainage) in our locality (Vibgyor School Road), Thubarahalli, Bangalore (Ward-85)

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Federation of Thubarahalli Apartment Owners started this petition to @Shri.Aravind Limbavali (MLA),@Shri.N R Sridhar Reddy(Corporator) of Ward #85,Dodda Nekkundi and

We would like to bring to your kind attention some of the basis civic rights the residents of our locality deserve but never had since beginning i.e., for more than 9 years.  One of the biggest problems we have been facing for more than 9 years is the non-availability of official road.  The road is approximately 1 km long with 10 fully built apartments, more than 2500 flats, 6000+ residents with many senior citizens and children.  There are also two schools of international standards on this road with 5000+ students.  Not less than three projects are under construction with a couple more approved and will start in near future.


The road in question is the only access to all of these apartments and schools.  This is a mud road, unattended and not tarred even once in its lifetime.  The number of users of this road is an overwhelming 10,000+ a day including 150+ school buses, four & two wheelers, pedestrians, etc.  The residents, especially children and senior citizens are exposed to unbelievable level of dust pollution especially during summer that opens room for multiple health hazards.  The road is filled with thick slippery slush during the rainy season making it almost impossible to walk or two wheelers to move.  This matter was many times brought to the notice of the present and past Chief Ministers of Karnataka, leaders, BBMP Commissioner and many other officials.


With constant follow-up by our residents with our honorable MLA Mr. Arvind Limbavali, BBMP Commissioner, BBMP officials of Mahadevapura and the efforts of our MLA, the road was approved early 2014 and a sum of Rs.1.5 crore was sanctioned towards the same.  Work Order was issued on 21st Feb 2014 and road work completed nearly 50% as well.  However, three tiny portions of the road seem to be claimed as private property and the respective landlords had stopped the work even as they stayed the roadwork in court.  In addition, few of these landlords have been blocking the road quite often making it very difficult for vehicles and pedestrians to commute especially in the peak hours.  This also has a spin effect on the traffic on Whitefield-Thubarahalli main road.  It was quite surprising to note that one of these three portions (entrance of the road) was given away for the purpose of road by its official owners back in 1996 through an official MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), duly signed in the presence of the then MLA, head of village panchayat and government officials.


The landlords have confirmed multiple times that they are ready to relinquish their land for the sake of road but they are looking for compensation from the government.  While we (the residents) are not aware of the total sum of compensation, it is quite clear that BBMP acquiring the land is only a matter of monetary settlement with the interested parties.


Our MLA had been trying his best to reach to consensus with all parties involved but that does not seem to yield results because BBMP is confined to the TDR process and is not willing to compensate.  In the presence of the MLA, the landlords are quick in giving oral commitments that they will relinquish their land by accepting TDR but take a step back later.  BBMP had issued TDR notices twice but there is no response from these concerned parties and hence the work is completely stalled.


After having knocked all possible doors unsuccessfully for the last many years, we decided to reach to the respected authorities with an online petition with some ray of hope.  We request you to kindly look into the matter and help reach an amicable solution at the earliest possible so that our dream of having a formal black top road comes true.  Just for your reference, we have provided URLs to some of the video clips regarding the state of the road, BBMP official’s address to one of our gatherings in Oct 2013 & news articles.


Before starting the roadwork -

Youtube video by New9 -

Citizen Matters article - and

Sathyagraha by residents - and

Land breaking ceremony Thubarahalli -Vibgyor School Road – 23 Nov’13



Road pics-



A blog on the road movement -

Kind Regards,

Residents of VIBGYOR School Road,


Bangalore – 560 066.


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This petition had 709 supporters

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