You Can Make This Happen

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I have started this petition to make a change in our college schedule to make more time for ourselves and other necessary activities. Students of MIT WPU spend a majority of the it day in college which restricts them from making any sort of extra curricular or even other academic progress. They are unable to develop important qualities like team work and leadership which will actually help them in the corporate world.

To top this off, the 90 percent attendance criteria causes immense pressure on the students to attend and complete assignments in a short span of time. This mandates us to focus more on quantity than quality.

This brings me to a conclusion that college hours should be reduced to 1:30 pm so that we can get more time to focus on building our resume and other personal activities. This will enable us to concentrate better in lectures instead of getting weary and spacing out. I request you to sign this petition, to help make a change.