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Child Abuse is a National Issue and needs urgent intervention

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Dear Readers,

The children in this country are not safe, on roads, in schools, in their own buildings and homes. Child abuse is not only an issue of a parent, or a school, or a state, or a city. It's a National issue and needs urgent intervention.

The problem lies in the minds of the perverts, who roam around openly, without fear, in search of a victim, and sadly, the children in our country are being targeted, by such filthy minds. It could be a gang, or a friendly neighbor, or an educator, or anyone, whom you know or may be not.

We need to change the way they think. We need to target their minds, instill fear in them. It's time now, they feel scared, even with the thought of abusing a child, that, if they do so, they will experience worst than hell, in the court of law. Enough of them, taking the law for granted.

For this to happen, we need stricter laws and faster judgments. 

Nowadays, it's a horror for parents, especially, to send their children to school. Safety of a child in school, is the responsibility of every adult, associated with the school and the education department.

High and strict safety measures should be taken to ensure children's safety in school.

Few suggestions are-
-The authorities should conduct surprise visits to school, to ensure, safety standards are adhered to.
-The school should have a dedicated and trained, lady security staff on every floor.
-The principal's office should have staff to constantly monitor CCTV footage, at every second, during school hours.
-Random checks in buses, lady staff and cameras in buses, for parents to watch their kids go to and come from school. 
-The police should visit schools often and ensure to spread awareness amongst the staff, of the consequences of breaking laws and committing heinous crimes, in and outside the school.

The PMO and law makers, should take necessary  actions, pass stringent laws against child abuse and make India a better place for kids to grow and live in. Let's protect our future generation and give them a safe and nurturing environment. Jai Hind.

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