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Stop the sale of animals online.

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Animals, dogs and cats, puppies and kittens in particular are being sold online like used handbags on sites such as shpock and gumtree. These animals are often "sold on" for profit or worse, if obtained cheap enough they can end up as bait for dog fighting. Shpock and gumtree do have a policy which states the animal must be at least 8 weeks old before being sold but this is not enforced and many animals are being sold as young as 5 and 6 weeks old. These people are more often unregistered breeding for a quick profit or have simply failed to neuter and find themselves with kittens on their hands so are looking to "get rid". They are making money from selling live animals and are not declaring their "income". You pay tax on your income so why should they get away with the fast buck. I've seen first hand the state of some of the kittens that have been bought online. I've watched helplessly as the have died because they have not been the best start in life. By buying animals online you are supporting this unlicensed breeding and animal abuse. By all means buy a puppy or kitten from a registered breeder or from your local rescue.  If you need to rehome your cat or dog do so responsibly, not on selling sites where you have no idea who the buyer is. Many rescues will give help and advise for rehoming. Don't use online selling sites I implore you. It will only stop when people stop buying. Supply and demand. Please sign today and email sites such as shpock and gumtree. Let's stop this today. 

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