This is YOUR chance to have a part in the revitalization of downtown Florence.

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We have the chance to bring a modern, mixed-use development to the empty lot across from Greasy Hands Barbershop, Turbo Coffee & The GunRunner Hotel.  The City Council needs to know that we want them to make this development a PRIORITY, so we’re asking for everyone interested to sign this petition.


Are you tired of feeling left behind while other parts of Alabama provide better jobs, education, and opportunities to their residents?

Unfortunately, we’ve educated our great people, as well as many others, only to have them leave for more attractive opportunities, and jobs in other areas.

Here’s a few stats on our MSA:

  • Florence – Muscle Shoals, MSA has a median household income ($45,102) that is lower than the thirteen counties of North Alabama ($49,436) and the State of Alabama ($46,472)
  • Florence – Muscle Shoals, MSA poverty rate (16.5%) that is higher than the national average (14.6%)
  • Florence – Muscle Shoals, MSA lost 20.78% of it’s high-tech employment between 4Q 2008 and 4Q 2018 *

It’s time for things to change.

In order to attract, develop, and retain the JOBS we need for our future, we need the types of development that will attract, and retain talented people.  We have to be PROACTIVE about our future.

We’ve asked the City for a public private partnership (PPP) to cover the public infrastructure costs (parking deck and utility relocation). It’s worth it to have the types of development that will ATTRACT and RETAIN the JOBS and TALENT we need.

We recently met with our Mayor, City Council President, and the City’s bonding agent. They have the capacity and ability to borrow more than enough capital for both their new City Hall project (estimated cost range of $48 million to $52 million), and our public infrastructure (estimated cost range of $12.5 million to $13.5 million). 

We believe that our development can offer the community so much more.

We have to develop a project that makes financial sense.  This project WILL NOT HAPPEN without the City’s participation in this public private partnership (PPP).

There is ongoing interest in the ground floor space from a national grocery chain. There’s also modern apartments above the parking deck, AND a site for an office building that will provide HIGHER PAYING JOBS - the CORE GOAL of this project.

Please pass this along to your friends, family, and network.  We need every signature possible to get our City Council to listen and hear that we need this in our downtown. Let them know you want this to be a PRIORITY.
There are more good things to come!
James W. Bobo, II, CEO, Bobo Family Group

*Source NAIDA