Put GEMMA O'DOHERTY on the Ballot Paper.

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Award winning Journalist and fearless Anti-corruption advocate Gemma O'Doherty  has been blocked from running in the upcoming Presidential Election.

In an act of political  sabotage, the main parties of FFGFLAB have managed to keep Gemma O Doherty off the ballot paper.

PBP &  Sinn Fein, along with the Social Democrats & Greens cooperated to ensure she could not get a mere 20 members to support her out of a field of over 200.

A day of shame for Irish politics and indignity for the position of the President giving rise to an election featuring two part-time politicians and some B-List Celebs.

But you can show your anger on Election day by doing out of pride what Ireland Inc. refused to do out of fear.

Put the words "Gemma O'Doherty"  on the Ballot.