Show movie "Soviet Story" in all of EU schools

Show movie "Soviet Story" in all of EU schools

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Started by Haroldas Baubinas

Many atrocities in the ongoing war in Ukraine are committed by the Russian army - innocent civilians are being killed, kidnapped, tortured, and raped. The younger generation in the EU countries needs to be enlightened about the origins of Russian brutality and historic sympathies toward totalitarian regimes (both fascism and communism). Edvīns Šnore documentary film "Soviet Story" explores Soviet Communism and Soviet-German relations before 1941 and after and highlights important historical facts that the Kremlin regime tries to hide. Wikipedia describes this movie as follows:

"Using interviews, together with historical footage and documents, the film documentary argues that there were close philosophical, political and organizational connections between the Nazi and the Soviet systems. It highlights the Great Purge, the Holodomor, the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, the Katyn massacre, the Gestapo–NKVD collaboration, forced population transfer in the Soviet Union, and the medical experiments in the gulags. The documentary goes on to argue that the successor states to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union differ in the sense that post-war Germany condemns the actions of Nazi Germany, but the opinion in contemporary Russia is summarised by a quote from Vladimir Putin: "One needs to acknowledge that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century." In the closing credits of the film, it is stated: "The Soviet Union killed more than 20,000,000 men, women, and children. This film is dedicated to them.

The Soviet Story has been screened in the following film festivals:

2008 Boston Film Festival – Boston, Massachusetts; received the "Mass Impact Award"
2008 KinoLev Film Festival – Lviv, Ukraine
2008 Black Nights Film Festival – Tallinn, Estonia
2008 Arsenals Film Festival – Riga, Latvia
2008 Promitey Film Festival – Tbilisi, Georgia
2008 Baltic Film Festival – Berlin, Germany
2009 Sedona International Film Festival – Sedona, Arizona
2009 Mene Tekel festival – Prague, Czech Republic
2009 Politicsonfilm Film Festival – Washington, D.C.
2011 Free Minds Film Festival – Colorado Springs, Colorado
2012 Free Minds Film Festival – Colorado Springs, Colorado

In 2008, the president of Latvia, Valdis Zatlers awarded the director Edvīns Šnore with the Order of the Three Stars. In 2009, the film was nominated for the biannual Latvian National Film Award Lielais Kristaps in the "Best Documentary" category. In the same year, Šnore received the Estonian Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana for creating The Soviet Story."

Since the Kremlin base its propaganda of their war around the "denazification" of Ukraine it is very important that this heavy impactful movie would be presented to younger generations around Europe in order to teach them about war crimes and genocides committed by the Russians (former SSRS), so the history of innocent victims of the totalitarian regime would never be forgotten. 

Please sign this petition and write to all educational institutions directly to organize screenings in your native countries.

164 have signed. Let’s get to 200!