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There is a bond which connects all the human beings. lt is in the capacity which we have all to make more beautiful the life, and to make a marvellous adventure of it. With our splendid diversity of cultures and forms of life, we have the possibility, today, of creating together an organization based on the common respect for our environment, and the rights which link us.
In front of the challenges which face humanity, it is time, today, that the Human feel united and make important decisions in a common way. This is why HUMANBE proposes to create a movement able to reinforce the action of the Human Citizens in the whole world and to study the project of a FEDERAL HUMAN AUTHORITY. If national public opinions or governments are able to accept our request, HUMANBE will require, the creation of a Human federative structure which will be common to all the human ones, in the respect of the variety of the cultures and the people.

To create this worldwide authority of arbitration, which will be complementary to the list of the States member of the United Nations, we need your assistance to have the capacity to set up this MOVEMENT OF HUMAN CITIZENS and to elect representatives independently of their national adhesion. To sensitize the inhabitants of the Earth and the various governments, we propose to show the number of people who would wish to become HUMAN CITIZEN, in more of their nationalities... For that, HUMANBE proposes that you declare yourselves symbolically, like HUMAN CITIZEN.

Become an integral part of a world movement working to promote the richness of the human world, and help us to create a more human world. The recording, than HUMAN CITIZEN, is a fundamental act according to which each Human recognizes that it is the moment to organize the world on a more global scale. It will also make it possible to organize the election of deputy which will require to defend our cause, and will encourage the various States member of the United Nations to accept the idea of a single Passport for all the Human Citizens.

By holding account of all our own nationality, this most ambitious worldwide census ever done with the inhabitants of the Earth, will be used to show the state and the number of people who would wish to become HUMAN CITIZENS.

Take part in the adventure, invite who you want or join us on Facebook at UNITED HUMAN..



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