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Shouldn't I be allowed to raise my children my way?

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Because as a mother i have an equal right to bring up my children regardless of my beliefs and way of life just as my children have the right to equal shared contact."

Imagine you are a Muslim woman, a convert trying to live a peaceful life, when suddenly you are told you are only allowed to see your children for 6 hours per week because of your beliefs.   Seranna from Manchester became a Muslim 14 years ago at the age of 16 and married the father of her 2 children four years later.   As with any relationship they had their problems and there were some mental heath issues. They divorced two years ago in 2011.   The two boys age 8 and 10 want to live with Seranna especially as there are physical chastisement issues with her ex husband. Seranna has remarried now and is happy in her new relationship which has produced twins in the last year.    CHANNEL, Greater Manchester's counter terrorism department investigated Seranna because of comments and pictures on facebook, they interviewed her and came to the conclusion that Seranna is an extremist with extreme views.       "In summary the impression I got from my talk with Seranna was that she was intelligent and had very opinionated extreme views. She would not discuss the contents of her facebook pages believingthat we already knew. She disageed with Western involvement in Islamic countries and that force was necessary to repel them. Due to Serenna's lack of engaement it was impossible for Channel along wth other services to work with her so our involvement ceased at this point.   They also spoke briefly to the yougest of the 2 boys,     "He said they were not allowed to listern to Western music as his mother and her husband said it was "Haram", although he did not know the meaning of this term (forbidden under Islamic law). He and his brother could not watch cartoons and could only watch Islamic television. His father pointed out that he was wearing Manchester United tracksuit bottoms but he was not allowed to do this at his mothers. He confirmed this as being correct again saying they told him it was Haram. He did also say his mother's new husband who he believed he was called Abu G was nice and took them to the park.     This report was then handed to the relivent parties who concluded that Seranna was, in their own words "radicalizing her children" They conluded that for her to see her 2 boys for 4 hours per week was enough, with a proposed increase to 6 hours in the future. THIS IS A PERMANENT PROPOSAL!      Do you believe a person should lose their children because of their beliefs?           PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION IF YOU BELIEVE SERANNA SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO SEE HER CHILDREN FOR MORE THAN 6 HOURS PER WEEK!           HELP STOP THE INJUSTICE!

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