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Should SA establish a Nuclear Power Plant to provide cheaper, safer, more stable power?

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This Act aims to establish a nuclear power plant as a sustainable power source made from nuclear materials in South Australia. Currently, South Australia’s main source of energy is wind and solar resources[1], and energy from Victoria via the Heywood Interconnector (predominantly generated from brown coal[2]). Dependence on other states can disadvantage South Australia during times of high energy demand.

South Australia needs to have its own power plant to supply reliable base power to be used in conjunction with other renewable energy systems, such as wind and solar power, to allow for the state to have a maintainable power source, and ultimately be a more sustainable and independent state.

By introducing a nuclear power plant, South Australia will benefit in many ways. For one, nuclear power plants have no carbon emissions, instead they emit steam through heating water to spin large turbines. Thus, South Australia will be reducing its carbon footprint, bringing the nation closer to achieving Australia’s 2013 Climate Change Target[3] and South Australia’s 2050 Target Zero[4].

The production of nuclear power produces waste that will require storage. Hence, a Nuclear Waste Management Facility will be constructed. Additionally, the production of energy in a nuclear power plant requires fresh water. To supply this fresh water, a desalination plant will be constructed to prevent regional water stress. These supporting facilities will provide employment opportunities for citizens in South Australia, boosting the economy.

To prevent thermal pollution and local increased salinity within the marine environment, facilities will be situated in the western region of the Eyre Peninsula. Here, the by-products of the Nuclear Power Plant and Desalination Plant can be safely released into the open ocean. Thus, local aquaculture and marine tourism will be unaffected.


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