Help Reduce the number of Traffic Accidents

Help Reduce the number of Traffic Accidents

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Started by Francisco Sendra

We can all agree that we want safer roads. The US department of transportation just launched the National Roadway Safety Strategy with a lofty goal of zero roadway fatalities. Well, needless to say we are all going to need to do our part. 

I'm proposing that department of Transportation and local agencies start reporting data on the number of accidents and identify those intersections with a High Index of Traffic Accidents (Project HITA). 

These intersection are in every city.  I live very close to an intersection where i witness several accidents a week.  There are traffic lights, but why so many accidents?  I don't know why but finally came up with an easy way to heighten our senses when driving through these intersections.  What if, Navigational Maps included warning signs of these areas when you ask for directions or plan your next trip? I think that would be great. 

You don't do anything until it happens to you. Well it did happen to my daughter.  She and her friend were able to walk from an accident that flipped her car at the very intersection that i witness accidents weekly.  I believe if there were warning signs on their navigational maps we would reduce the number of accidents. 

Request people to sign this petition to have local agencies report on this data and Navigational Maps to include them.

Thank you for signing this petition. We may be able to save lives.


Frank Sendra

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We all win.  Safer roads, safer commuters. 

21 have signed. Let’s get to 25!