Should I make criminality fan-made for crim fan?

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[24 April 2020] The old campaign is.
Currently Move to New one now.

[24 April 2020] This thread is an old thread if u really want to share this thread, share this link instead.

[25 April 2020] I've planned to make Criminality Fan-made for Criminality Players.
And Right now, I have 6 Developers on my Discord Server.

6 Developers in my server have so many abilities. things like coding, building, and animating.

And we've been planning to release the game on 1st April 2020 (I'm not sure�)

But first, before I'm going to release the game, I had to contact RVVZ first to get an allow thing, if I'm not asking for allowing, I would get a crowd for copied and RVVZ would send the DMCA to Roblox to taken down.

If you would like to support us, you also can donate to this page!
Roblox | Not available yet.