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Shot and killed in broad daylight and the Walton County, Florida Sheriff's Department thinks it's OK

On August 25, according to an article in the local Walton Sun newspaper, Cyndi Jennings and Terry Stitt were looking for a missing stray cat that they were feeding when they heard a gunshot.  They saw a man holding a rifle and he admitted to shooting the cat.  When Jennings and Stitt found the cat bloodied in a ditch, it had been shot once in the stomach and once in the head, but was still moving its legs.  The shooter asked if they wanted him to "finish it off".  He was talking about the beautiful little female now buried at the site in the picture above.  An innocent and harmless little cat that deserved no harm from anybody. 

The shooter told Jenings that a cat had been spraying in his yard and leaving a mess in his pickup truck and that was why he killed this cat.  Stitt told the shooter that generally males spray and this was a young female.  According to the article, the shooter replied "Wrong cat".

Jenning's boyfriend also arrived at the shooting and called the Walton County Sheriff's Department.  When the Deputy arrived he concluded that the shooting had been done in a safe manner because the bullets were not fired off the property.  Can you believe that attitude from an official government body?  How many other cats or other animals for that matter are being killed in surrounding properties? No mention was made about killing this innocent cat, or violating animal cruelty laws, and no arrest was made.

The next day a Deputy was called to the scene again at the request of Jenning's boyfriend, who asked the Deputy to request the shooter not kill any more cats so that he and his friends could relocate them.  The shooter said he would wait one week.  The Deputy left with no noted objection to the comment.

Nothing became of the matter for days until the Nationally recognized Alley Cat Allies organization made an inquiry into the killing.  Then and only then did the Sheriff's Office initiate an internal investigation of the event. 

As of late November, no arrest has been made though the shooter admitted his act, and it was performed in broad daylight in public.  And he spoke with a County Deputy Sheriff about the whole matter shortly after he murdered the kitten.

The Florida First Judicial Circuit State Attorney has to weigh in to provide some protection to innocent animals, and to get Walton County to honor state animal cruelty laws.  If, God forbid, the State of Florida concurs with the Walton County outlook, then some State animal laws have to be rewritten immediately.

Please help end this awful, sanctioned cruelty.  Sign this petition and pass it on for your friends to sign.  




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