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Short Term Rentals DON'T belong residential neighborhoods! Don’t Motel My Neighborhood!

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Dear Residents and Homeowners,

Don't let the American Dream be destroyed by corporate and private greed.  Expedia, Airbnb, VRBO and Home Away are only interested in monetizing your neighborhoods by turning homes into MOTELS.

Please support the first steps of regulating Short Term Rentals by voting IN-FAVOR of Bill 2017-16.

Las Vegas is hit especially hard by the massive influx of STR's:

Only 154 Short Term Rentals (STR) are legal (meaning they applied for a business license).

3,900  STR's are ILLEGAL (meaning they are operating illegally without a business licenses, are not paying sales taxes, hotel room tax and do not carry the proper insurance).  Las Vegas has only 2 code enforcement officers to watch all these illegal properties.

Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian has been working since 2008 to Strictly Regulate Short Term Rentals in the City of Las Vegas.  Short Term Rentals are currently banned in Henderson, North Las Vegas and Clark County; however, they are not banned in the City of Las Vegas.  Over the past years, she has had no support from City Council.  Councilwoman Tarkanian is now working to PASS Bill #2017-16, which will allow YOU the voter to have a voice as to the direction of Short Term Rentals in your neighborhoods.

Bill #2017-16 will tighten existing rules and regulations for Short Term Rentals by making applicants apply for a Special Use Permit.  A Special Use Permit requires a notification be mailed to neighbors and a public hearing where you can voice your opinion on the application.

Currently, individuals who want to operate a Short Term Rental only need to apply for a business license.  Neighbors are not notified of the business application.  They are only made aware once the Short Term Rental Business is open and operating next door.  The law as it currently exists does not allow neighbors have a voice as to the direction of the communities they make home.  Bill #2017-16 is working to give you a voice.

ACT NOW and sign the attached petition.   It is important, not only the Councilman/woman in your WARD knows your position, but also ALL other Council Members as they are voting on behalf of us, the entire community. This will ensure that everyone will see who received your email.


  • We are not fighting against a home owner who wants to rent out a room in their home (that they live in) or operate as a true Bed & Breakfast.
  • We are not fighting against a home owner who wants to rent/lease a home for a minimum of 30 days or more.
  • WE ARE fighting against companies/individuals turning homes into MOTELS and letting tourists stay for 2-3 nights with no homeowner present.  Tourists do not LIVE in Las Vegas and therefore it is NOT a residential activity. It is a business.


  • Expedia Inc. – Owns Home Away and VRBO (vacation rentals by owner).  Airbnb is a separately owned company
  • AirBnB booked 340,000 room nights in Southern Nevada and made 45+ million dollars in the Las Vegas Valley in 2016.  This number does not include booked rooms or revenue made from Expedia, VRBO or Home Away.
  • Rooms booked on Airbnb, VRBO and Home Away do not have to pay the 12%-13% room tax that our hotel industry collects and puts back into our community that pay for code enforcement, schools, etc.
  • Many of these operators are not collecting the 8.15% sales tax.
  • Airbnb is expanding their business and is now hiring a Community Manager to oversee Las Vegas. See job posting from LinkedIn.
  • Lobbyists (most likely hired by Expedia) have met and continue to meet with City Council members to change current zoning regulations, so they are more in favor of less regulation for short term rentals. Based on the nonchalant behavior to the commercialization of our neighborhoods… these lobbyists might be making progress. Campaign Contributions in an election year always help form an opinion.
  • San Francisco and New York City have implemented new regulations to try and protect and regulate the listings and homeowners. See articles below.

Thank you for reading and taking action.  Together…we might be able to make a change.  Please print, and have all voting members of your household sign this petition.  If you can forward to friend and neighbors…that would be much appreciated.

With Gratitude,  


J. Saylor

Concerned Citizen, Home Owner & Neighbor



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