Kenzie Falkenhagen DESERVES to have Consequences!!! FALSE ACCUSATIONS

Kenzie Falkenhagen DESERVES to have Consequences!!! FALSE ACCUSATIONS

February 5, 2021
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Started by makayla smith


On February 4th, 2021 this sophomore girl from Shorecrest falsely accused another student at Shorecrest of sexual assault to have taken place a year and a half ago (June 30th, 2019).  Both accuser and boy were in 8th grade at the time.

Unfortunately there are girls and some guys in this world that make false assault accusations about someone, tearing down the work that has been done to fight for Women’s Rights.

In this instance, sadly this girl who frequently strives for drama to get attention or sympathy decided to try get MORE ATTENTION the day after HER BOYFRIEND BROKE UP WITH HER by accusing one of her old good friends of a terrible act.

She needs to be PUNISHED and SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL for this this terrible DEFAMATION against this student.  This hurts not only this boy, but this whole Women’s Movement that has real victims suffering.


1.  June 28th 2019, Boy broke up with Girlfriend (accuser’s friend)
2.  Screenshots show on June 29th and June 30th accuser sent multiple flirty messages inquiring about wanting relationship with this boy
3.  June 30th Accuser and Boy hung out with friends at boy’s house
4.  Videos and Selfie’s that accuser took show her laughing, smiling, and cuddling him all night
5.  Witnesses saw her grab his phone to take these selfies and videos
6. Accuser said, “It is loud in here”
7. Boy stated, “Do you want to go into my room?”
8. Girl stated, “Yes, let’s go”
9. They started to watch a movie, The Conjuring
10. Girl started to kiss boy
11. Accuser had two weeks previously told boy that another boy had tried to “finger” her and she did not like it.  Boy had never done that to anyone, and stated to her, “That is bad”. She then told him she would let him try it. 
12. After kissing for 10 minutes, accuser started to touch and rub boy’s penis
13.  After 5 more minutes, boy asked if it was ok if he “fingered” her, like how they talked about before
14. She said, “Yes, but can you take it out if I say stop”
15.  He said, “Yea I will do that”
16.  They continued for about 5 more minutes
17.  Then both got tired and just stopped and continued to watch the movie for 20 more minutes and talked the whole time
18.  While they were watching the movie, she received a text from her mom saying she had to go home
19.  She texted her friend who was upstairs and said her mom said they have to go
20.  Her friend called an Uber
21.  Boy and accuser left the room when Uber arrived, while still talking and laughing
22.  Accuser turned to boy and kissed and hugged boy and said goodbye
23.  Friends at the house witnessed this kiss and hug and goodbye
24.  Boy, his brother, and 2 friends that were at boy’s house FaceTimed Accuser and her friend on their way home in the Uber, normal conversation happened on the FaceTime
25. Boy and Accuser texted when she got home, making plans to hang out the next day
26. The next day the Boy and the Accuser hung out again
27.  The day after that the boy and the accuser also hung out
28.  Screenshots show the next two days boy and Accuser took several selfies smiling together
29.  Their close friendship continued throughout the next year until right before Covid
30.  Never once was this accusation against the boy ever brought up until February 4th, 2021, again right after her boyfriend broke up with her


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Signatures: 125Next Goal: 200
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