Shopify, Close Madison Cawthorn's Store

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This petition is based on the actions of the freshman congressman from western North Carolina during the rally and subsequent insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

He, along with Donald Trump, incited violence among rally-goers that led to the attempted coup to halt the count of the electoral college votes.

We have developed a website ( to track the racist and misogynistic actions posted on his social media accounts, as well as articles and editorials published by the media during his campaign and since being sworn into the US Congress.

Not only did he speak at the rally prior to the attack on the Capitol, he was photographed in the middle of the street cheering the crowd on as they marched toward the Capitol.

For more information about his involvement, please see the recent article posted by New York Magazine, "What Madison Cawthorn Saw at the Insurrection: The youngest member of Congress is invigorated by the mob he helped incite."

We are asking Shopify to remove the store run by the Madison Cawthorn website ( as he continues to sell products to  promote the conspiracy theory that the election was stolen, as well as anti-masking claims. His entire catalog of products on Shopify are developed for one reason, to continue to drive a wedge between Americans.

Shopify, please remove the store built by Madison Cawthorn as part of his congressional campaign which still spreads lies and conspiracy theories through his content and his products on your site.


Constituents and Friends of the North Carolina 11th Congressional District