Online shopping Without Guilt

Online shopping Without Guilt

4 February 2021
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Started by anju sundresh

To my favourite shopping portal,

I would really like to bring this to your notice which has been troubling me and people I know,  from so long.

I really love to shop from your portal but by the time I receive my favourite products all my excitement will be gone seeing the plastic bags accompanying them and I will be filled with guilt. And this is really making me decide to reduce online shopping as much as possible.

Please do something to make your customers shop without guilt.

Please start a feedback survey in ur portal to know what your customers feels about the packaging
Please collaborate with other portals so that, all can use the same protocol
Please  give an option while checkout abt the packaging, mentioning  as environmental friendly

Hoping you would take this into consideration

Yours valuable customer

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Signatures: 115Next Goal: 200
Support now

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