Keep Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew on Grey's Anatomy

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Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew have portrayed their characters, Dr. Arizona Robbins and Dr. April Kepner on ABC's hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy with full dedication and commitment. And now, they're both being let go, after 10 years and 9 years respectively, due to lead star Ellen Pompeo's $20 million raise which gives her signing bonus, producing fees, ownership of the show, and more.

It's simply unfair that these two incredible women lose their jobs, which they've played with unadulterated, unfound talent. Robbins was the first lesbian character on primetime television, she led the way. Because of her and Capshaw, many Grey's fans have discovered their sexuality and found the confidence to come out and be themselves. Kepner had strong faith in God, and evolved from a shy, awkward character, into a courageous woman who didn't take anyone's bullsh*t.

These characters have truly changed Grey's Anatomy, and television. It's not right that they are let go. It's safe to say the majority of the viewers of Grey's are of the LGBT community and we are understandably furious about this.

We will stand behind Jessica and Sarah, but we URGE Shonda Rhimes and the producers of Grey's Anatomy, to bring Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew back to the show.

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