Cancel Grey’s Anatomy, it has began a bad copy of the old one!

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Since the eleventh season, but mostly during this one, the show has lost his sense, every character has no story, they have lost their soul. Last but not least without Arizona and April they commited a huge mistake. They fired two amazing actress that had a lot of other things to say as the carachters of April and Arizona, their stories end without a sense (April leaves the surgery? Really?) after a long list of losses (Izzie, Christina, George, Mark, Lexie, Derek, Callie, Stephanie, Adison and Ben). Every episode is bad reminder of the old stories, the old carachters, the old romance, the old MEDICAL and all its messages as the sense of duty, the importance of saving a life, the sacrifice but also the honor of being a doctor, the old show that we used to love. For the good of the OLD Grey's, the one that makes everyone fall in love, please stop it!