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On Shonda’s instagram biography, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, she says that her tv shows are not real. Are the fans real? Because it seems our opinions do not count. This are just some of them. This is the end of Grey’s Anatomy, vote and help the future of Grey’s Family.

“I think you should listen to your fans”

“The actors and actresses is what kept this show alive”

“I will stop watching greys after 14 years”

“It is a really bad decision, change your mind please” 

“Sarah Drew is an amazing actress...Good luck, someone will continue watching greys bur not me”

“Honestly this was a STUPID move...”

This are only 6 comments out of the disappointed 16.000 people that have commented Shonda’s post.

Sarah Drew is one of the actresses that posts on instagram, informing all the fans about the show and promoting it everyday. 

Sarah and Jessica are still processing this information, being fired is not always pleasant.

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