Shoalhaven Wedding Industry Changes

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The beautiful Shoalhaven is known for being the No:1 Tourist Destination in NSW and one of the drawing cards to the area for tourism is The Wedding Industry. Over the past 15yrs the industry has significantly grown creating thousands of jobs for both part-time and full-time employment opportunities for many locals.

A small group of community members is proposing that the Shoalhaven Council make changes to the current Clause 2.8 Temporary Use of Land - Temporary Function Centres which may effect current Function Venues across the Shoalhaven from being able to operate a maximum of 52 events per calendar year. 

This will significantly effect 100's of businesses in the Shoalhaven and surrounds. Guests often travel from Sydney, Canberra and beyond spending $$ at local shops, cafes and restaurants... on accommodation, entertainment, transport, beauty and even buying petrol. Not to mention all the weddings suppliers using local goods and services to provide their own specialised services. 

Of course we respect the privacy of adjoining neighbours to these Function Venues across the Shoalhaven and feel that ALL venues are to abide by the laws set in place to prevent noise, light and traffic worries. We feel that venues NOT adhering to these laws should be made to make changes according to the laws to be able to function as approved venues. It is a concern that the venues who follow the current laws will be effected by these changes despite the fact that they have done everything correct in setting up their businesses. 

BUT WE DO NOT CONDONE REDUCING THE NUMBER OF EVENTS PER CALENDAR YEAR for these venues as it will have a huge impact on the wedding and tourist industry in the Shoalhaven. 

The town of Berry has survived the 'Berry By-Pass' worries of not being able to support itself but it is thriving thanks to in the influx of tourists...many of which are in  the area attending weddings. 

DON'T LET THIS SLIDE - if you know of any Shoalhaven businesses from shops to wedding services to accommodation where they rely on tourism as their livelihood ...PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to alert Shoalhaven Council of the ramifications of such a decision. 

Business owners from The Wedding Industry are invited to attend a meeting held by the council at The Shoalhaven Council Chambers on Monday, 11th November, 2019 at 5.30pm.