Reject DA for 40 room motel, restaurant & 39 appartments, 3 Moona St Huskisson NSW

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Many community members are concerned about a proposed large scale development on 3 Moona Street very close to Moona Moona Creek that could result in irreversible environmental harm as well negatively impacting on the cultural heritage of this iconic area of Jervis Bay. The DA 20/1453 also appears to breach zoning regulations. This is not a complex for this environmently vulnerable site.

There are many concerns relating to this development. It will forever change the feel and ambiance of the Moona Moona Creek reserve, a favourite family picnic and recreaction place of many locals and tourists alike. Such a huge development will dominate the environment, increase traffic and noise and bring large numbers of people to a space that in summer is full to capacity. The development proposal is larger than council regulations allow, it will use public land for car parking. The developer is seeking several exceptions from Council. Flooding at this site and storm water management are of concern as it could impact on Moona Moona Creek and Jervis Bay. The Jervis Bay Marine Park Authority have raised concerns and requested many conditions, which Council may not accept. The required acid soil treatment is complex and dangerous and could harm the environment and waterways. The removal of the many hollow bearing and endangered trees will have a big impasct on the ecology. The local indigenous peoples cultural heritage of this area has not been thoroughly assessed.

If this DA is allowed to progress it will set a new precedent for the other developments on Burrill Street and other streets in Huskisson. Is high rise with a "tropical" theme what you want for Moona Moona Creek Reserve?

Photo published by South Coast Register on 25th May 2020