Ban Jet (Jerk) Ski's from Jervis Bay

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In 2001 jet Ski's were banned from Sydney Harbour and at that point in time there was little or no concern over how this would impact Jervis Bay.  Seventeen years later it is now time to be concerned as hundreds of jet ski's  (jerk ski's) have arrived and are destroying our beautiful waters and beaches of Jervis  Bay.   Eratic riding, excessive speed and constant noise pollution go hand in hand with jet Ski's, not all jet ski riders drive erratically, however it appears the majority do.  Jervis Bay is now on the doorstep to both Sydney and Canberra and we need to ensure Jervis Bay remains a marine park that is safe for swimmers, kayakers, paddle boarders and marine life.  We need to petition Shoalhaven Council today and inform them we want Jet Ski' s BANNED from Jervis Bay.