We want to stop Shnack from playing Siam Diu music, Manyao, Eurodance whatever it’s called

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This man plagues our bunk with loud weird siam diu music on the daily and its driving his bunkmates nuts. Not me though, I’m far enough away from the madness, others not so lucky.

Those who are affected live in fear everyday. The dragging of his slippers, the heavy breathing as he approaches the bunk. They all watch in horror as he reaches for his surprisingly flashy and brightly lit speakers. Men rush to their ILBV’s, hands fumbling as they unzip their ziplock bags, they look for salvation. Hope. Protection. Their earplugs. It’s always too late though, the strange foreign euro x mandopop edm techno music booms through the air, raping the auditory sensors of those around him. The noise travels further down the bunk, molesting ears without discrimination until the huge 30 man room has Manyao sound waves seething into every crack and crevice in sight. This is the end.

Soon enough, screams echo throughout the room. Blood-curling shrieks of pure panic and fear ring out as operators and recon alike begin to drop the floor. Both hands clutching their ears, all they feel is agony.