Change the dress code in SHMS

Change the dress code in SHMS

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Started by Starlie Ouellette

 The point of school is to learn; not to be pointing out what and what not a student can wear. When students are dress coded and need to change, it is taking away from their school time and can also embarrass the student. Some of the rules that should be changed are….

•not wearing coats in class

^this has nothing to do with learning and is not distracting whatsoever 

•no midriff

^there is absolutely nothing wrong or inappropriate about a stomach and if it’s distracting then the person who is distracted should get in trouble for not focusing 

•no shoulders-same reason as the previous one

•no ripped jeans

^i understand if you don’t want rips very high up, however, knees are not inappropriate, distracting, or informal. They’re knees. 

•no metal?

^yeah I really don’t understand this one at all. Apparently you can’t have pins on your clothes? I have no idea why this is. I really can’t even form an argument because I don’t know what this rule is for.

These are the things that I would like to be changed, but others may give other options or even disagree with some of these. Please write any opinions in the comments. Thank you<3


46 have signed. Let’s get to 50!