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Noisy nuisance at holy Narmada river(Gwarighat)

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Noise pollution or noise disturbance is the disturbing or excessive noise that may harm the activity or balance of human or animal life. And in between we are trying to find peace around us. So few of us go for a night drive, few of us go to distant place from city or few of us go to the farm house. But lower middle class and middle class families don't have luxury to go for a night drive because their office timings and neither they can afford a farm house apart from home. So what else is left? The answer is holy Narmada river. There are places near by and within city and besides holy narmada river i.e. gwarighat. The youth, family, job workers, businessmen usually or daily basis visit gwarighat to find peace. But there are people who are prone to make noise at Ghat(newly made umaghat because this ghat is more beautiful and crowded more than othe ghats). I found this when I have visited Umaghat on 17th May 2017 and 18th May 2017. On 17th I found a karaoke music system program organized by some family just beside holi river. It was continued till 11pm evan after informing police ans dial 100. The same thing has happened on 18th May and someone has organized orchestra music program. And all in the name of religion. That's not our religion to knock the door of god after closing pats(doors). People need more understanding about sanaatan dharma before making noise beside holy river Narmada. Well it's been already said by the honorable court that "nobody can use sound speakers after 10pm". However there are some rules related to use sound in limit but neither people nor administration is concerned. Excessive sound affects human being as well as aquatic animals. Just because people are playing or singing religious songs on speakers after 10pm, nobody has courage to oppose the nuisance. I'm a Hindu and I know what my religion is and what rituals to follow or what not to follow. Well, let's come to the point which is, On working days a working guy or man get only few hours to sit or roam around with himself or with his family. And when he comes to Gwarighat with his moto to enjoy the sight of holi narmada, it shouldn't be disturbed by the noise. After my first experience with the policeman said - jab shraddha kii baat aati hai to ham bhi kamzor pad jaate hain(when it comes about faith/religion, we feel helpless). Then I felt only government can make sure that administration should stop any kind of nuisance. Whether it's connected to any man, society, political party or religion. Being a Hindu I know my duties which are not make people uncomfortable by our action, be what you are, talk what is logical and believe in karma. The state of getting near to god can be achieved by yoga and meditation. The journey to achieving that state can be enjoyed by serving the Humanity. Not by holding mic, singing songs, making noise, disobey the court rules and ruining others peace. I request you to sign the petition and let's make our Ghats(gwarighat,tilwaraghat), noise and nuisance free after 10pm in normal days. Let's follow the rules made by the court and respect the indian constitution without being biased.

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