General Promotion for College Students

General Promotion for College Students

5 May 2020
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Shivraj Singh Chouhan (Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh) and 4 others
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Started by Vishal Rathod

The Covid19 virus has on date infected more than 36+ lakh people the world over and caused more than 2.5+ lakhs deaths worldwide. While the whole world is advised social distancing, College Students are however horrified by the MP government and universities decision to conduct exams as soon as the lockdown is lifted which in turn will deteriorate the current situations and the control that we got over the disease during this 54 days lockdown will be completely lost.

There is a major health risk associated with the students during such a pandemic and universities are worried about exams despite the fact that not even half syllabus is completed. This shows how problematic our education system has been. It was never about imparting knowledge; it is always about exams and its results.

There are even some universities which are conducting a survey in order to know whether to conduct online exams for the final year students but they seriously need to understand the situation of the poor students who do not have access to internet/laptop/desktop and aren’t being able to be a part of this survey. Any such survey will only lead to biased results and thus not reflect the correct polls. Thus, taking any decision based on these kinds of surveys will be injustice to the students who were not a part of this survey. Another concerning fact over the exams being conducted online is the challenges that will be associated with the internet connections speed that every one is facing amidst this lockdown.

Further, the university should also admit the fact that the students have not taken their books and study materials while going to home as no one was aware of the duration of this lockdown when it was imposed. It might not be possible for all the students to study by the online lectures provided. One has to admit the fact that we can’t change the whole complete education system within a month or so.

Already this has been late as per the time table to conduct exams and still there is no clarification sought on it. Universities are saying no to general promotion relating to the loss of meritorious students. Given the current situation and the effect of the pandemic, there won’t be any single meritorious student, who will think of getting more marks by associating a risk with his/her life as well as a risk to others lives. Given the effect of COVID-19, there is no such loss to any students, if provided with general promotion and a LIFE ahead.

Since neither students nor teachers were prepared for this sudden lockdown, it has become difficult for them to continue as per the original plan. The only solution for the current scenario is to provide general promotion using some kind of criterion based on the internal marks or the average grades for previous semesters. This will not only help students but also professors, lecturers and college staff as they can prepare for the admission process which are also stuck in between somewhere due to this lockdown.

If this happens, as a goodwill gesture, all the students who didn’t paid the exam fees, can either donate it in the PM CARES Fund which will help the nation to defeat corona virus or some poor students might use this money to save their own livelihood.


This petition made change with 419 supporters!

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Decision Makers

  • Narendra ModiPrime Minister of India
  • Shivraj Singh ChouhanChief Minister of Madhya Pradesh
  • Dr. Renu JainVice-Chancellor DAVV Indore
  • Dr. Sunil KumarVice-Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya Bhopal
  • Dr. Anil Kumar SharmaAdditional Charge as Registrar, DAVV