Domestic Work should be treated under " hazardous occupation " in child labour laws

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update : 28th June 2020 : The new amendment ONLY APPLIES to Islamabad . We need to push for the other provinces to change their policies as well.

The government of Pakistan should add "Domestic Labour" under "Hazardous Occupation" in the Pakistan Employment Of Children Act of 1991 , Punjab Restriction on Employment of Children Act 2016, KP Prevention of Child Labour Act 2015 . This will deem domestic labour as hazardous and will not allow children to be employed as domestic labourers.

We all want CHILD LABOUR to end , this is a small step that can prevent children from being employed as domestic workers . The government might take longer to end child labour but this is something the government can act on faster , so please sign.

To get a better idea of what this petition plans to do.

Occupations prohibited under the Act are:

transport of passengers, goods or mails by railway;
cinder picking, cleaning of an ash pit or building operation in the railway premises;
work in a catering establishment at a railway station, involving the movement of a vendor or any other employee of the establishment from one platform to another or into or out of a moving train;
work relating to the construction of a railway station or with any other work where such work is done in close proximity to or between the railway lines;
a port authority within the limits of any port; and
work relating to selling of crackers and fire works in shops with temporary licences.

Processes prohibited under the Act are:
Cement manufacture, including bagging of cement
Cloth printing, dyeing and weaving
Manufacture of matches, explosives and fire-works
Mica-cutting and sploting
Shell as manufacture
Soap manufacture
Building and construction industry
Manufacture of slate pencils (including packing)
Manufacture of products from agate.
Manufacturing processes using toxic metals and substances such as lead, mercury,manganese, chromium, cadmium; benzene, pesticides and asbestos.

In the recent events of the brutal beating and murder of Zohra Shah we as the Pakistani community should ban domestic labour of children by including it under "hazardous occupation" for child labour .