A foot path from the intersection of Little Yarra roads and Milners road in Yarra Junction

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We want a footpath for safe walking along Milners Road, Yarra Junction from Little Yarra Road to St Joesphes primary school with signed road crossings at both little Yarra roads and milners road and school zones being put in place with proper signage. 

My son started at St Joesphes primary school today and he chose to walk to school. On our 10 minute walk to school he tripped over at least several times on tree roots, branches and sticks and in some places we had to walk quite close to the road and he tripped here too making my heart fill with dread at the throught of him falling onto the road.

The other side of milners road is very narrow and uneven leaving us dangerously close to the road and oncoming traffic which most often than not don’t obey the speed limit. This dangerous stretch of road also does not have school times zones nor signs notifying of pedestrians or that there’s a school there. This needs to change ASAP!