Build a Byford Burnout Pad instead of wasting money on street art

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Rate payers of Byford and car enthusiasts alike, would like to request that the shire of serpentine jarrahdale listen to us and instead of wasting money on street art like the failure of that yellow thing at the front of Byford Woolworths, is instead allocated towards something more useful and  to an item that is a genuine point of difference to set us apart,

This is why we are asking the Shire to construct a burnout pad facility instead of more overpriced ridiculous street art we don’t need.

Hooning through the streets in Byford at the moment is at epic proportions and by creating a legal area where car enthusiasts can do burnouts legally in a safe environment will remove them from the streets and ultimately reduce the police call-outs and unnecessary noise disturbance and the potential hazards that are caused by vehicles illegally preforming a burnout in a suburban street. 

A bonus could be the charging a small fee for upkeep and maintenance, this would also help with the return on the investment other then street art which does not generate any revenue at all.

A burnout pad is something people actually want, not another idiotic piece of art that is of no real use and such pieces of art are only appreciated by a even smaller minority of the population in the Byford community.

Please listen to us the people in your electorate and the rate payers and please do something useful with our rate money and not waste it on art.