Stop the cull in Denmark WA

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Kangaroo culling has been proposed at a number of sites across Denmark following safety concerns at the town’s airport.  Shire of Denmark chief executive Bill Parker said near-miss incidents involving kangaroos at the airport has led the Shire to organise short-term culling.  Long term solution is fencing.  We call on the Shire and the College to forget the short term fix and instead look at a long term solution.  

Why should our wildlife have to be killed when there are alternatives?  Fencing, relocation?

The same God who created us, created our beautiful native kangaroos.  This is their land  They are not pests, they are peaceful native animals.  Their welfare and life is our God given responsibility.  This is their land, we have stolen from them.  It is up to us to find a way to live in harmony with them.

Yesterday this little boy came into care.  His mother had been shot in the gut.  This poor boy was standing bloodied, confused and frightened beside his dead mother.  The mother had been left to die a slow and painful death with a joey in her pouch.  

Who will take responsibility to ensure the kangaroos are killed humanely, who will check the pouches, what will happen to the innocent joeys in Mum's pouch?