Ban "Saleyard Horses Pre Auction" from Echuca Saleyards.

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This is a group of people whom bid for those that cannot attend the Echuca Horse Sales on a Friday and wish to buy a horse.

Some of their members that run it have known convictions of Animal cruelty in SA by the RSPCA and have only just last year been under RSPCA investigation for animal neglect yet again. When will this stop

Credit card details are taken on sale day via a secure website (not proven) and are given to Echuca to pay for your purchase at the end of the day. According to their website these details are destroyed. I personally have seen it for myself, credit card details are not destroyed, they are kept in a Gmail account and are not deleted like they advertise. Many of their members also have access to this information and can be accessed at any time

There have been far too many unhappy customers that have had their credit cards misused by this group and I think its a disgrace.

It has now gone to a Not for Profit organisation and in my opinion Its just a ploy to scam money from anyone they can. They also offer agistment to people who can not pick up their horses from the sales,

Numerous people have had alot of trouble trying to contact them to get their horses back, and in some cases it has taken months, and few have even reported their horses stolen. Some have eventually got their horses back but they were in worse condition than when they were purchased. In one recent event a horse was threatened to be shot the next day as they would not agree to having a horse truck arrive to collect the horse along with police assistance

How can the Saleyard Manager and Shire of Campaspe let these people continue to do what they do.

Saleyard Horses Pre Auction need to be stopped before anyone else gets scammed .

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